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  • Kristy Ehman

Your 'forever' home

You live in a space that you've been lucky to call "home" for a long time... it's familiar, it's comfortable and it's been your style.

And now you're selling.

1. I know it's tough. The decision to move was likely a difficult one and you have a lot of work ahead of you. 2. The wall colors, furniture and decor that you've enjoyed for years will now be on display for strangers. 3. Your home will not appeal to everyone but you want it to appeal to the highest number of buyers. Resulting in a quick sale for a price you'll be excited about. 4. Create a budget - for the work you intend to do before listing. Talk with your realtor about your potential ROI to ensure the work put in will be worth the investment. 5. Get serious about packing - no one wants/needs to see your clutter, your extended family photos or a closet full of old books and memory boxes. Consider storage options in your utility room, garage or off-site storage facilities.

Have fun! And when all else fails, put the kettle on for tea, kick your feet up and call Utopia Designs... if you're feeling stuck, we can help.

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