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from your home to show home...
Home Staging

Partnering with Realtors...

At Utopia Designs, we understand time is your most valuable asset. We are dedicated to helping you find what your listings need to create a finished look. We'll partner with you to transform your listings into premiere homes that buyers want to see.

Realtors work with us because our services help homes stand out among competing properties on the market. We have a wide range of practical and cost-efficient ways of introducing this service to your clients.





How we work…

Our services are customized to cater to your pre-listing process and the unique needs of your clients. We'll work with your clients furnishings and can offer to bring in our own. Utopia is constantly upgrading and adding to the inventory of furnishings and accessories…. If we don't have what you're looking for, we'll find it for you.




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